Our creative artists

Shane Mauldin, Co-Owner

As weird as it sounds, Shane Mauldin, co-founder and co-owner of Hush Studio Salon, never wanted to be a hairstylist. But after years of working in corporate America, Shane found himself sitting at lunch staring at an older version of himself, an unhappy looking businessman spending his lunch with a drink. Shane decided right then and there that wasn’t going to be him. He went back to his office and quit.

As Shane looked for a new path in life, his stylist friends encouraged him to check out their industry. He was apprehensive at first. Hair didn’t seem like the right fit. But, wow, was he wrong. After only one hair show, Shane was hooked. He discovered an industry that inspired and energized him like nothing else had before.

Shane saw that he could be his best self in an industry that combined beauty, art, business, and teaching, and he found his opportunity to build a future as a creative stylist, salon owner, and teacher.

Shane took that passion and inspiration and brought it to life with Hush Studio Salon. Now, he gets to live his dream and feel blessed every day as he works in the studio helping clients develop an image through beautiful hairstyles, mentoring other talented hair stylists, and living the wonderful life he didn’t know was always waiting for him.

Frankie Ryan, Co-Owner

Frankie never expected to grow up and become a hair stylist — even though there were obvious signs in his early childhood. His mother was a stylist, and Frankie could often be found playing with and styling the wigs she used for her clients.

That early interest in hair turned into a career and business later in Frankie’s life as he co-founded and co-owns Hush Salon Studio. Now, he still enjoys playing with hair. Frankie’s favorite part about being a stylist is watching a great haircut and style come together. He loves when clients are willing to trust him and let him make small changes to their cut to create a more beautiful, polished look.

Beyond the salon, Frankie spends time with the things he loves most: travel, music, movies, and of course, animals. Growing up on a farm in the midwest with a range of animals instilled a deep love for animals in Frankie, and you can usually find him spoiling his dog, Beastie.

Josephine Apoint

The creativity and artistry of the beauty industry are what led Josephine to eventually become a hairstylist. She started out by falling in love with make-up and using cosmetics to create beautiful looks. Once she became a makeup artist, she decided to extend her skill set to hair styling in order to bring entire looks to life.

When clients aren’t sure what they want, Josephine is great at pulling it out of them. She’s an excellent communicator who can get clients to open up and explore ideas about what they want to do with their hair.

It’s hard for Josephine to get her mind out of the studio when she is away. She spends a lot of her free time researching, learning, and immersing herself into the world of hair and make-up. It’s not just a job. It’s her hobby and passion to stay-up-to-date with the latest trends and styles in the makeup and hair industry.